A summer of KreKriKry

img_2608I began the summer full of plans to find new adventure and to seek out places I had yet to explore before leaving the ocean state… but as always, time wanders away and leaves us wishing for more. This bittersweet wishfulness is something I enjoy though, and is part of what pushes me to continue coming back, as well as striving forward into unknown territory. So, even though I am no longer regularly wandering around the ocean state, I will be back, and am excited to wander around my new state- Maine.

As a somewhat hectic chapter of life begins in dental school, I want to look back and remember a few of the precious moments I was fortunate to capture this summer. The first was a favorite summer tradition with my KreKriKry clan: beach sunsets and bonfires.

(First, a quick KreKriKry explanation: the english translation of my mother’s family name somehow differed when everyone moved to the US, and we ended up with three variations to deal with- Kreshchuk, Krishchuk, and Kryshchuk. To deal with this problem, we cousins synthesized them all into our lovely little nickname.)

I’ve previously posted about my favorite place in the world, the hidden beach at Little Compton, and that is where our family always treks out to for beach days and evening hangs. This night was a perfect representation of summer, and even though it wasn’t the entire clan, a good group of us were able to come and enjoy golden hour, sunset cliff jumping, and a bonfire during the strawberry moon.

Having beautiful family members (and friends- here’s looking at you, O & A) made it an especially fun night to capture and remember.



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