Picnic from the Past


This past weekend my beloved clan of Kreshchuk cousins gathered to celebrate the lovely Oksana’s birthday. I’m incredibly grateful to have a tight-knit family that makes such an effort to spend time together. You won’t typically find a 25 year-old hanging out with 16 and 19 year-olds, but that’s where you’ll find me, at least once a week! I’m incredibly blessed to have these beautiful and hilarious ladies in my life- the fact that we’re a family of free-spirited ladies means that I have the sweetest adventuring crew built in- what a dream!

Oksana is a vintage-loving soul, a girl after my own heart. She dreamt up a picnic celebration not of this century, and then fed us the most amazing food- all made by her. This girl has serious culinary skill.

There were poetry readings from antique books, feasting on things like honeyed-goat cheese and fig skewers alongside pressed Italian sandwiches and nutella turn-overs, and of course- golden hour dancing to old music.

We celebrated well.


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